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Fowey Harbour Heritage Society
Shiplew Point

Fowey Harbour Heritage Society

Fowey harbour, which includes the communities of Fowey, Bodinnick and Polruan, has been a significant international trading port since the medieval period and is still a working port today, exporting china clay. Our aim is to encourage you to explore the area and find out more about the places and people that have contributed to its heritage.

Fowey Harbour Heritage Society

Promoting the heritage of the Fowey harbour area

The Society introduces you to the rich and varied history of Fowey harbour and what you can see today by:

  • Organising talks
  • Publishing an annual journal
  • Presenting our annual heritage awards
  • Providing heritage grants to local organisations
  • Promoting guided walks
  • Working with other societies on heritage projects

Programme of talks 2022/23

The programme of talks for 2022/23 is as follows;

Saturday 10 September 2022, Fowey Town Hall at 2pm. Mary Bryant, the creation of a Cornish legend, by Charlotte Mackenzie
Saturday 15 October 2022, Fowey Town Hall at 2pm. Maps, Plans and Charts, Fowey in two dimensions, by Alex Lewis
Saturday 12 November 2022, Whitecross Village Hall at 2pm. Polperro - Cornwall's forgotten art centre, by David Tovey
Saturday mid December 2022, pub quiz. Details to be confirmed
Saturday 14 January 2023, 7pm by Zoom. Medieval Cornwall by Dr Sam Drake
Saturday 11 February 2023, 7pm by Zoom. The work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, by Tony Smith
Saturday 11 March 2023, Fowey Town Hall at 2pm. A pictorial history of the coastal sailing barges of Devon and Cornwall, by Stuart Hunkin
Saturday 8 April 2023, Polruan Village Hall at 2pm. AGM followed by The Remarkable Pinwill sisters, by Helen Wilson


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Fowey Harbour Heritage Society


Illustration for Mary Bryant, the creation of a Cornish legend. A talk by Charlotte Mackenzie talk

Mary Bryant, the creation of a Cornish legend. A talk by Charlotte Mackenzie

Fowey Town Hall

10 September 2022, 2pm

Cost: £5 for FHHS members, £8 for non members.

Contact: Andrew Gardner 07769 977116 or Or via Ticket Tailor

Mary Broad the creation of a Cornish legend.

Transported to Australia in the First Fleet, locally born, Mary Bryant made a daring escape across 1,000s of miles of sea to freedom and eventually returned to England.
Who was Mary Broad / Bryant and what really happened?
What new things does her historical experience reveal about Georgian Cornwall?
When and why was Mary Broad's story embellished and fictionalised?
Why was it only in recent decades that she became a Cornish legend?

Charlotte MacKenzie writes and researches Cornwall's history, including the new biography Mary Broad the documentary (2021).
She lives in Cornwall and is a former university senior lecturer in history.

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